Boogie in your bubble - Saturday 22nd August

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Please join us for an evening of outdoor fun at West End's lake  - beginning with sundowners at 5pm and your free welcome drink.  This is an adult event and children under 18 aren't allowed. 

Live music from 5pm, 3 course dinner, cocktail bar (table service) and open till late.


will be barbecued by our chefs and typically West End in flavour and provenance - expect our home grown vegetables, locally sourced meat and fish and flowery cocktails.

Dinner is planned to be:

Starter: Herb fed sticky and sweet chicken wings on a bed of mixed leaves

Vegetarian starter: Tri colour  salad



We'll be firing up the barbecue and offering a choice of main courses (pre booked of course) rib eye steak, 1/2 a lobster, chargrilled chicken fillet or vegetarian kebabs - all of this will be served with coleslaw, heritage tomato salad and potatoes.



Chocolate brownies and strawberries with a shot.

As we live in a Covid world - social distancing will be expected. However groups of six (or 12 who are positioned close by!) forming bubbles for the evening are reminded to stay in your area.   ******** First bottle of wine free for bookings of 12******

COCKTAIL BAR  -Will be open from 5pm until 11.30pm 

Fresh, flowery cocktails will be available for all and made with our favourite spirit creators, Silverback spirits - we will be creating fun cocktails that sum up life at West End Flower Farm and hope you will enjoy them too.

Greyfriar's wine and Hogs Back beer will be available too.


They have to feature here and we are planning a FLOWER BAR for you to add the flowery vibe to your evening.  Available to pre order or buy on the day are various accoutrements - flower crown's, flower clips and much more.  


We are planning for live bands to play outdoors to take you through the evening from 5pm. 



- Minimum table amount will be SIX people.  Bookings under SIX will be automatically refunded.

- Weather - this is obviously an outdoor event and should the weather be torrential rain forecast on Wednesday - we will organise a refund, less a £5 per person non refundable deposit (to cover band costs that will have to be paid)

- This is an outdoor music dinner at the lake, please take care of nature's obstacles - hills/grass/nettles/water.  We will not be held accountable.

- Toilets will be near the lake or up in the toilet building.

- Your food choice has to be and we can not accept changes within 48 hours of the event.

- There will be no cash payments available - drinks will be ordered via QR code and our taptable app - drinks will be delivered to you so please don't come to the bar to queue.

Please be aware that it's August so whilst it may start sunny, we encourage you to bring layers and blankets so you can enjoy the whole evening. 

- Taxi numbers Adam Stanbridge  07841288298

Alton 01420 88888

Wilson 01420 87777