We believe in working with the plants in as sustainable manner as possible; we believe that what we put into the ground should then turn into fuel for the ground and believe this should also be reflected in our food choice within the Kitchen.

The farm shop is packed full of local farm's vegetables, locally farmed trout, watercress, cheeses and much more.  We are proud of zero plastic and reusable bags.

We are the fourth generation of Butler's to live at West End and the first generation to turn fields into flower fields (much to the shock of Grandpa who initially thought that growing flowers wasn't ‘real’ farming) for commercial use. 

We have a love of growing, confirmed to us over the last 4 years of running the farm.  Will and I are eager to see where our farm journey will take us next as we are now committed to ‘no till’ and investigating commercial no till for flower farmers. We have three small children, whom, if you happen to visit us, you may see around.  They all help out when they can and are interested.  Our youngest, is now six, and is the happiest of 'helpers' but he’s an over zealous ‘weeder’ still – the other two think it’s great that they can label science sheets super quickly on plants but we are not sure listen too much to the ‘boring’ bits about water and food – feel free to test them!!  Home schooling has taken on a new element to their education and their farm features hugely in their academic and pastoral education.

Our plans for the farm are to run a sustainable farm providing the best quality British flowers for the surrounding community. Our dream is that our farm of approximately 30 acres is one day full of flowers and is providing our family with a solid, safe future.

The restaurant and shop have to reflect our farming choice and we strive to be seasonal and source British products where possible - we are aiming in 2021 to introduce our own range of products for things we've been unable to source in the UK over the last few years.