Where does your food come from? Friday 18th February

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A perfect gift for your family! 

Do you want your child to know more about their food and even eat more adventurously? We are keen to inspire yours to taste the unusual (for example fish from the deep and kohl rabi).   

Join us next February half term on Friday 18th February so you and your child can learn more about food.  We will inspire your children to eat the unknown; to sample what's never normally tasted by smaller people and visit chickens to see the source of eggs.    

In the morning we'll be talking fish and vegetables, then break for 2 course lunch to taste what we've talked about and then back to finish off with meat and all important pudding elements. 

It'll be a fun day out and lots of yummy food on offer.  Please bring wellies as we will head to the farm to see what's growing to taste straight from the plant.

This fun day workshop is our BLACK FRIDAY weekend offer and is currently a 15% discount. THE PRICE IS FOR one adult and one child and includes lunch.