Decadent Christmas Wreaths

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Our wreaths, as you’d expect, are packed full of foliage and are natural and homemade by us and each one is unique!  We couldn’t even make the same one twice - even if we tried so they will look slightly different to the image posted.

This wreath is our decadent, large wreath and packed full of a mix of foliage from the farm - Nordmann fir, pine, berried ivy, eucalyptus, Laurel, pitto, gaura, viburnum and finished with Cornus, pine cones, dried flowers, red berries (rosehips or berried Holly), old man’s beard, feathers and dried fruits.   The wreath is finally finished with a luxury ribbon. 

Variations - There are four different themes of wreath to choose from so do have a look at different options to choose.

Size - It is made on a 14inch ring, however when finished is approximately 18-20inches wide.   Therefore this is a large wreath, if you would like a smaller one - please do get in touch directly.

This item is only available to pre order with 24 hours notice-please let us know in delivery notes when ordering what date  you would like to collect this item. 

Local delivery is available.